Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Convention 2017

I was once again able to attend Annual Convention, and so grateful for the opportunity. I missed last year, and I did not want to miss another. Convention rejuvenates me. Provides me with new ideas, re-ignites my passion for this "hobby."  

Convention 2017 was held in Salt Lake City, Utah...home to the corporate office. It was held at the Salt Palace Convention Center...impressively huge.  

My sister, Shirley and sister-in-law, Tricia, were both able to attend as well. Tricia first introduced me to CTMH back in....maybe 2004 when the stamps wee still on wood blocks. Shirley became a consultant under Tricia in, I believe 2011 and they attended Convention in Dallas together and bugged me to join so we could have an annual sister trip, so that's how my joining CTMH began. Anyhow, it was amazing just hanging out with them, catching up, and of course Scrapping and creating! 

Day 1 ~ Thursday, June 29th
The initial day starts with a General Session, evey year brings a different theme and this year was "Who Tells Your Story." The excitement and anticipation is UNREAL.  The afternoon would consist of a Creative Session and Home Office Tours. 

Everyone attending is excited to see what CTMH has created new, what product lines will be staying/changing, etc. General Session involves some type of "skit" to introduce the new products. 

This year revolved around Jeanette's, the founder of Close to My Heart, "story." How CTMH evolved from her home to D.O.T.S to what it is today. 

The General Session involved introducing changes to our papers (they will be dual toned original color on one side and a lighter complimentary shade on the other), new products such as foil papers and a new creative book, new cut above kits w/Picture My Life cards and more, as well as a completely new line of Basic colors (greys/tans/neutrals) and new Fundamental paper packs. 

We knew there had to be more....but that would wait until Day 2!   They did introduce the Holiday Inspirations catalog as well, with amazing papers. All throughout the session names were called for prizes and I won a set of the new Christmas papers!  They are gorgeous, and I wish I could post a pic, but unfortunately we are under direct orders to not reveal until August! 

Walking out of the morning session we each were give a copy of the new Annual Inspirations catalog and off to lunch we headed! 

After lunch the first Creative Session commenced and we were provided new materials to create 4 12x12 layouts and 3 cards. 
OH!!! I almost forgot, the new Annual color was introduced!!!  BASHFUL is the color of the year and it is GORGEOUS!  

We each received a new Bashful Ink Pad along with 2 amazing stamp sets to create our projects. 

Our tour was reserved for 4:30, so off we headed. We loaded a nice tour bus for the drive to Pleasant Grove, UT which was about 45 minutes away. We did NOT think about the traffic when we booked and it took quite a bit longer, but we did finally make it! 

The tour involved seeing the remodeled home office, the Art Studio where the creativity happens, a quick peek at the warehouse, Jeanette's office, her crop area, the "BIG" meeting room and the lobby filled with amazing creative pieces.  

A HUGE Heart mobile was hung as a focal center pieces in the lobby, AND the largest wall had wallpaper created off a stamp set. Again, gorgeous!  

It was here that we received the much anticipated BAG we get every year, and we each had our picture taken by the Close to My Heart business sign by a professional photographer (not available, just yet). 

After the tour, we were EXHAUSTED and starving! We headed to City Center for dinner at the always delicious Cheesecake Factory. We returned to our hotel around 10pm and went straight to bed. 

Day 2 ~ Friday, June 30th

The day began with another General Session, followed by lunch and then Business sessions.  The General Session brought 2 inspirational speakers, each with their own "story" to tell.  The first to speak was Stacy Julian. If you don't know of her, she was the founding editor of Simple Scrapbooks magazine. She then started the very successful Big Picture Classes company which she then sold to Studio Calico in 2014. She was at first a consultant with CTMH before branching off on her own.

Stacy spoke to us about how ANYTHING, any moment, emotion, event, etc. can be "Story-ish." Based off the inspirational book "Ish" by Peter H. Reynolds in which he outlines that how a creative spirit learns that thinking "ish-ly" is much better than "getting it right."
What did this lead to? The introduction for a new Project she is partnering with Close to My Heart for, which is simply called "Story."   It is still "secret" and as such, we do not have many details, but it will be launching in 2018. SO exciting!   I do have to say hearing her speak struck a chord with me, and a light bulb went on. I struggle with creating scrapbook PAGES as I get stuck on who is going to look at this? I have no children, no one to pass these things on to, etc. When Stacy Julian spoke about "story-ish" I thought, "wait, this is ME. I journal, I post "tid bits" on facebook, I tell the story of my day, my experiences, etc. through one or two tiny pictures that I share!"  OH MY!  

We then had the honor to hear New York Times Best Seller, Stephanie A. Nielson. Her story was inspirational. To hear more about her personal journey and story, click this link.  Again, we do not know where life will take us, but it is what we make it, even through heartache, pain and loss there is a story to tell. 

Day 3 ~ Saturday, July 1

Day 3 brought about sessions in which Operation Smile was shared and the Operation Smile auction completed. Over $14,000 was raised this morning auctioning off VERY creative artwork by some amazingly talented Consultants and just a "few" Sticky Boy stamp sets....13 to be exact, each that went for $100 a piece! Speaking of Sticky Boy....I searched and did not find, though I was less than 30 seconds behind the finder of one. 

It was announced via a video and "wedding" announcement between Sticky Boy and Sticky Girl, that Convention 2018 will be held at the Red Rocks Casino and Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada!!

A final creative session occurred in which we worked on layouts related to our Heritage (following speakers on the topic) we got ready for the Awards Banquet dinner and dance to close out convention. 

The evening included Awards for consultants, including longevity, team and individual sales, recognitions and a top notch performance by Alex Boye. 

I received an award charm for my 5 years as an active consultant (which I was surprised by because I hadn't realized I've been involved that LONG already!  

(I didn't have to go on stage, however Tricia did, as she celebrated 15 YEARS and was presented with a beautiful heart pin with charm.) 

All in all, what an amazing time and experience. I came away with more than one "story-ish" memories, including the 5K that was never run!  Now that I'm home, after cleaning up the craft room the crafting will begin AGAIN. I've been stale for the past year and really needed to be rejuvenated and I was! I am passionate about my experiences, and I can't wait to tell my Story in a number of "story-ish" ways!   

I would love to have you join my team, joining is EASY, and then you can join us in Las Vegas next year!  All you have to do is join my team at and YOU too can begin telling YOUR STORY!!!

Just a little pic of me :) Happy Place
Ready for the Awards Banquet

Look at all those Creative Minds!
@ Creative Session

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Early Bird Special for NEW Consultants!

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Join the Close To My Heart family as a Consultant this month and get your choice of a FREE Fundamentals paper packet* and its coordinating Complements. These brand new products won’t be released to the public until August, so joining today is your chance to get them first! When you sign up, you’ll also get $50 in Select Product Credit to spend on more new products, including the newest stamps, paper packets, and cardstock colors. Contact me to find out how to join myTeam today!

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Last Flash Sale

Make sure you get in on this Flash Sale!  This weekend, starting tomorrow, Friday, June 24th at 3pm (MDT) CTMH will have their final flash sale!  This is amazing, it includes small "bundles" of retiring products at reduced pricing.  The retired list for stamp sets and paper packs is now available along with home decor and other items.

Keep in touch....July 1 I will be able to share Sneak Peeks from the all new Annual Inspirations catalog which will go LIVE to you August 1st.  I unfortunately was unable to attend the annual convention this year, which is currently being held at the Coronado Springs Resort in Walt Disney World, Florida.

I am so bummed I wasn't able to attend....but I'm following a private sneak peek group on Facebook and am LOVING all the new products so far that I've seen! Any true crafter/scrapper is going to love the new catalog.

As I was unable to attend convention, I am not sure if I will be holding my Annual Sneak Peek open house. One of the amazing perks of being a consultant and attending convention is the opportunity to buy many of the new products in bundles at special pricing. Having attending convention the last 3 years, I've been able to purchase these bundles which have allowed me to bring the products to you to see, hold, touch...and yes smell! early and en masse. This year, unfortunately I will not have the privilege to do so, and am still trying to figure out just how to introduce the new catalog to you! So STAY TUNED!!!